Shawl #1 Mystical Lanterns by Janie Crow - The Locket Land Shop

Mystical Lanterns by Janie Crow is worked in my favourite Jamiesons of Shetland Spindrift with their magical array of colours creating truly beautiful results!

Janie says:

"The name of a repeated tessellating design, like the one I have used in this shawl, is called an ‘Ogee’ pattern in Arabesque design. It took me a few weeks to get the design of these blocks right; initially I came up with loads of really complicated ways to create this motif, but in the end it was so simple – funny how sometimes a design process can take so long and the outcome can be so easy to make! The pattern for the lantern shape motif is based on a Granny Hexagon pattern, but I have made a few changes to come up with the curved design that tessellates"

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