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Skara Brae is here! 

Mary Henderson has designed this delightful all-over Fair Isle Slipover which originally featured in The Knitter magazine using Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme.

It is now available as a stand-alone pattern booklet and the new kits will use Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift with all their beautiful shades!

Because of the change of yarn this will be one kit where I will be knowingly selling you TOO MUCH yarn.  

As you know, one of my main aims is to make sure that all of my kits offer the best possible value - like my Trio of Mini Hotties that were designed so you could make all three designs from one kit, or my Christmas Eve Fair Isle Cowl and the matching mittens that just required one extra ball of background colour - but with this kit I have to do the opposite.

Shetland Supreme comes in 50g balls whereas Jamieson's Spindrift comes in 25g balls

So for each ball of Supreme listed in the original pattern I will need to put TWO balls of Spindrift in my kits

and for 2 balls of Supreme there will need to be 4 balls of Spindrift and so on.....

but you probably won't need all of it

However, without re-knitting all of the sizes it is impossible for me to know the exact weight of each colour used in each option

But on the other hand, I'm not going to put less in the kits in case you run short as this could be a project that you take time over (I know I won't finish it quickly!) and I would worry that dyelots might not be matchable

So....for once I am conciously over-selling


if you have any unopened and unused balls of Spindrift left after finishing your top you can return them to me within 12 months of purchase and receive a shop credit to the value of the yarn returned


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