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This is a very special pair of socks that I designed in memory of my dear friend Liz who suddenly passed away in April 2020.

Liz was brilliant!

Brilliantly clever academically, supremely talented at crafting, a whizz at cryptic crosswords and just the loveliest person to spend time with. Her crochet skills were beyond compare and then in October she decided to teach herself to knit for the first time.

Did she start with a wonky square or garter stitch scarf?

No! Her very first knitting project was a colour-work, top-down sweater knitted in the round! She was brilliant - nothing was too challenging for her to tackle and every new technique was welcomed as a challenge to stretch her skills. Liz was inspirational and a true Locketeer!

Designing this pattern for Liz helped me cope with and process what had happened and everything about the design reflects the friend I knew and loved and will miss so much.

There are technical details that she would have been excited to try - a picot edge, a Latvian braid, a new style of short row heel. The colours are very “Liz” and the colour-work design depicts her innate brilliance in the form of a sparkling star within a trellis to represent the friendship, love and support of the knit groups at Lucy Locket Land and Liz’s other crafting groups.

With loving support we can all sparkle.

I do hope you will enjoy knitting these Brilliant Liz socks - I just wish you could have known the real Brilliant Liz too.

£5 from each kit sold will be donated to MIND Tyneside & Northumberland, whose work Liz supported.